Air Cooled Heat Exchangers


 Air-cooled heat exchangers are a heat exchanger design commonly used in mobile applications where there is no liquid coolant supply, such as automotive and construction vehicles. As the name suggests, air-cooled heat exchangers provide a cooling solution for fluids that use air, which is driven by an electric, hydraulic or mechanically driven fan through the fin core. An air cooled heat exchanger can be provided to cool a single fluid, such as engine water, or a combination of fluids that are part of a cooling pack, which typically includes three fluid circuits that are cooled by a single fan.

Tecfree’s internal design of air-cooled heat exchangers and oil coolers ensures that the most efficient and cost-effective heat exchanger solutions are always available. Based on raw data, Tecfree can design and manufacture a range of custom air-cooled heat exchangers for a variety of applications and operating conditions, including

Trucks and BusesUtility and Military Vehicles

Railway Engines and Rolling Stock

Gas and Diesel Engines

Construction EquipmentAgricultural and Mining Equipment

Generator Sets

Performance Cars

Primary features and benefits include;

Aluminum plate and bar construction

Over 200 fin surfaces available including louvered and low-clog options

All designs are application specific, ensuring efficient and cost effective design

Minimum batch size of 10 units

Over 10 years of experience in schedule management and inventory management is ideal for large-scale, regular business.

Post time: Aug-10-2020