Premium automatic transmission oil to air heat exchanger

“High performance ensures cooling experience”
TECFREE is keeping R&D more modular products in order to increase the heat dissipation area and speed up the heat transfer.
This series of products is made of aluminum alloy material with light weight, excellent anti-seismic and high heat exchange efficiency.
In terms of structure, fins are added to the radiator tube to increase the heat dissipation area and speed up the heat transfer. Under the operation of the fan, taking the air as the cooling source, the heat is forced to take away, which achieves a low cost and high efficiency cooling effect and meets the requirements of energy saving, water saving and environmental protection. Apparently, it is the most popular choice of oil coolers in the market.
1.Green, energy-saving, easy maintenance and low cost.
2.Compact structure, large heat dissipation area and high heat exchange efficiency.
3.Longer service life and high working pressure. It can be used for system oil return cooling, oil drain cooling and independent loop cooling.
4.Easy to use, convenient installation, low failure rate.
5.Safety. The water and oil will not be mixed and fatally damage system once burst, unlike water cooler.
6.Appropriate fluid temperature: 10ºC~180ºC, appropriate for ambient temperature: -40ºC ~100ºC.
This series of products can apply in hydraulic system, lubrication system, transmission gear box, transmission oil system, ship



Post time: Aug-11-2020